Marine Vinyl Hydro Mat Style 204
Hydro Mat is a superior woven vinyl designed with long wearing performance qualities. Suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Some of the woven vinyl features include Ultra-Violet stable, phthalate free, and antimicrobial promoting no mold or mildew growth. The backing system consisting of a light weight high-density compact cushion felt, which contributes to the products durability creating stability and crush resistance. Water, Soil and Stain resistant and easy to clean. The woven vinyl is offered in 8’6″ width.

Available Styles

Hydro Mat 204-B007 GRANITE

Hydro Mat 204-P078 TUSK

Hydro Mat 204-P075 BUFF

Hydro Mat 204-B005 LATTE

Hydro Mat 204-S084 CORD

Hydro Mat 204-P077 STONE

Hydro Mat 204-P076 VAPOR

Hydro Mat 204-P073 TEAK BUFF

Hydro Mat 204-E065 EARTH

Hydro Mat 204-E058 SISAL

Hydro Mat 204-E054 CARAMEL

Hydro Mat 204-E010 CAMO

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